Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Second Attempt at a Grizzly Bear

The first grizzly bear had an accident with my airbrush which decided to splutter and spit blobs of paint out. The result was a bear that looked like he had a bad case of measles.
I decided to paint him this time using acrylic on prepared mdf board.
I haven't got very far yet as I've had a busy few weeks.
My youngest son graduates tomorrow and the ceremony is in London at the Royal Albert Hall.
My solo exhibition starts on the 3rd of November and I have to deliver everything to the venue next Monday and then I'm demonstrating at Art Materials Live at the NEC for four days in November.
Plus I have to fit in some blood tests and an opticians visit in the next couple of weeks. However once I get to the middle of November I have nothing else planned for the rest of the year so should return to posting on a more regular basis.


Sharon Whitley said...

oh no disaster with the airbrush - that must have been sooo frustrating it was coming on so beautifully, the new acrylic version is just as wonderful. You do sound busy, I look forward to seeing this finished

Peggy said...

Oh No! So sorry you had a slight painting accident with that first bear! He sure was looking good!!
Congratulations to your youngest son on graduating :)
This bear looks like it's coming along nicely!!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Augh! terrible when those kind of accidents happen, my cat jumped onto my desk and knocked over a jar of water... I actually screamed as I leapt up with my artwork in hand! :)

It is coming along beautifully!