Monday, November 05, 2012

Solo Exhibition at Sunnyhurst Wood Visitor Centre

My solo exhibition is now on until the 03/02/2013 at the Sunnyhurst Wood visitor Centre.

The  old Keepers cottage pictured above now serves as a visitor centre and art gallery. If you want to visit the winter opening hours are Thursday to Sunday 12.00 to 3.30pm and the exhibition is on the second floor.
Link : Sunnyhurst wood Visitor Centre

My paintings were hung by two exceedingly pleasant and helpful men, thank you Pete and Keith for all your efforts.

The light was not very good when I went to take some photographs but the above show two ends of the large room.
I took a mix of original work and limited edition prints, 33 pieces in all covering a wide price range. Each piece has been numbered and a list prepared with the title, medium and price so that viewers have something to refer to when walking round.

I had several photographs taken for the local paper so my one hope is that I don't look as awful as I do on my passport photograph. Watch this space I'll post the article when it appears.

Thank you also to Margery for making us welcome and keeping the Nuthatches supplied with nuts so that I could take some nice photographs.

I'm considering taking some pencils and going to do some drawing there one Sunday afternoon.


Tracy Hall said...

The exhibition looks fantastic Gayle, wishing you every success. What a gorgeous venue as well!

vivien said...

what a gorgeous place for an exhibition - I hope it does well. It looks great!