Thursday, March 16, 2006

After Crufts

Well Crufts is over for another year, so we can all begin frantically trying to qualify for 2007.
Juno did really well, he came 5th out of a nice class of 16, so we went home happy. The light is pretty bad for taking photographs but here we are smiling at the camera.
The smile faded a little when it took us over 2 hours to exit the West Car Park at the NEC, but it's all part of a day in the life of a show dog.
When we finally arrived home, his sister Roma beat him up for being absent all day without her, so life soon returned to normal.

Apart from Juno, another thing I took home from Crufts was the idea of working on drafting film. I saw an artist that I greatly admire working on it and producing the most fantastic paintings. I already had some Polydraw, which is a double matt drafting film in the cupboard so I dragged it into the daylight and gave it a try.

I'm using a photograph showing my friends Dachshund standing in the Autumn leaves, it is a wonderful photograph so I hope I can do it justice.
I first airbrushed some acrylic to create a soft background, having diluted the acrylic using a mix of gloss medium and water so the airbrush nozzle didn't block up.
I then started working in coloured pencil which just glides onto the film, and even better, erases completely without damaging the film.
Here's the stage I've reached, so far, so good.

Next stage involves rather a lot of detailed leaves, never mind, five rough collies bring in plenty each day for me to choose from.

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