Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Makes an Impression?

While I'm waiting for Juno in oil to dry, and the real furry Juno is beginning his countdown to Crufts I thought I'd share this little story from my human family.
My young niece Holly is five, and likes to paint and draw. She had been naughty one day while my brother was looking after her, so he sent her to her room. There was silence for a few minutes then Holly came back in the room with a little card she'd made. On the front was a little drawing and inside it said 'sorry for being naughty Daddy', but what made my brother smile was when he turned it over and written in large letters on the back was 'Made in England'.
For Holly, the writing on the back of cards she had seen, had made as much impression as the pictures on the front...

Must remember to make sure Juno's tail is as smart as his head when he goes to Crufts.

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Katherine said...

That's such a sweet story Gayle. And children do make you stop and think sometimes don't they - they're just so literal.

How do you get an extra furry tail?