Friday, March 24, 2006

More About Drafting Film

The more I work with drafting film, the more I like it. So far it has done everything I've asked it to do with littl;e resistance.
One of the nice things I've found is that because it is semi-transparent you can put different colours of mountboard behind it to influence the colour temperature of the whole piece.
As an example I photographed Hallie with a piece of yellow mountboard underneath, then a piece of grey and a finally a piece of white. The white stage is slightly further on than the other two.
This is the white one.

This is the grey

And this is the yellow.

I'm not sure which I like best, and might even decide to go with nothing behind when it is scanned for the prints, which will give a softer out of focus feel to the distant background.

I am going to do a step by step approach to my next painting, so that anybody who is interested can see exactly how it works.

Juno is at another show tomorrow, this time it is Scottish Breeds Championship show at Ingleston near Edinburgh, so an early start is required. Juno is preparing for that by neglecting his squirrel watching and sleeping peacefully. However no self respecting squirrel would be out and about today as it is absolutely pouring with rain, so he isn't missing much. The house has that pleasant aroma that five long coated, damp dogs give off, I'm hoping that I don't have visitors for a while, as all the dogs are out of sight in the Conservatory, leaving me in possession of the pong.

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