Friday, April 28, 2006

Continuing My Norwegian Forest Kittens

Here are the next stages in the development of my painting.
Once I started working on the second kitten I decided it needed more impact so I added flicks of white acrylic straight from the tube. I found I could retain the very soft fur effect whilst making the highlights in the fur 'pop' a little more.

I also decided that the sky wasn't quite right and removed all the coloured pencil. I then airbrushed a mix of white and cobalt blue acrylic which created a much smoother effect.

In the last photo you can see I have altered the treeline so that it brings the focus back to the larger kitten's eyes. I have also added a small blue butterfly which fit in with the colours I've been using.
I might need to slightly alter the direction of the smaller kitten's gaze as it is looking fractionally too high to be focusing on the butterfly.

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