Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Two Norwegian Forest Kittens on Drafting Film

After finishing my last NFC, I have decided to do a series of at least 4, so this is the next one. For these two kittens I decided to choose an outdoor setting to stretch my skill at doing backgrounds.
I have made myself a practice book to try out individual background elements. A normal sketchbook would not be much use to me as I am mainly working on drafting film, so I cut up sheets of drafting film, bristol board and Arches Hot Press Watercolour paper and made my own. These are the surfaces I mainly use, depending on whether I am working in acrylic, graphite or coloured pencil.
My artist friend Katherine Tyrell (have a look at her blog, Making A Mark, link at the left) came for a visit and gave me loads of good advice which I hope I'm putting into practice in this piece.

Here are some progress shots.

I might need to fade out the background trees at the end but I have discovered another drafting film plus, blue tac easily lifts the colour.

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