Friday, April 28, 2006

Spring Fever

Before I carry on with my kittens demo I thought I would share the Collies enjoying the first nice evening when they were playing in the garden.
The first photo shows Saska proving that even at nine years old and with arthritis in her back legs she can run with the rest of them. She did lie down to watch a couple of minutes later. The second photo shows Jorja and Juno chasing one another, they use the bird bath at one end of the garden to turn and the pond at the other.

The third photo shows Roma taking off in a final jump to reach the winning post first.

You will notice there are no photographs of Clinton taking part in the races, he was indulging in his favourite hobby of watching the sunbeams on the grass. If one dares to land on his paw he can't move until it goes away. The last photo shows him studying his paw with his usual worried look.

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