Thursday, May 25, 2006

Colour Choices

Because drafting film will not take many layers, initial colour choice is even more important than when using paper for coloured pencil work.
Therefore, although a little after the event I have to admit, I have decided to create myself a colour wheel for drafting film.
To start with I am using two brands of coloured pencil, Polychromos and Prismacolour.
I tried to select a true colour for my primaries, these were as follows:-
Polychromos, Cadmium Yellow, Cobalt and Deep Scarlet Red
Prismacolour, Canary Yellow, Ultramarine and Scarlet Lake.

I then layered these, keeping the brands separate to produce my secondaries. Without fail I found the Polychromos blended together better on the drafting film.
The outer layer are polychromos, the inner prismacolour.

I am going to add to the wheel but will be concentrating on fur colours initially.

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Making A Mark said...

Gayle, as we discussed, I've referenced this post in my blog. i don't think everybody is going to be be familiar with the Polydraw and wondered if you'd got any links for it.