Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well Done Juno

On Sunday I was showing Juno and Jorja at Bath Championship Dog Show under one of the top UK Judges.
The showground was rather muddy and Juno who was in the ring first, took a bit of cleaning to restore his paws to their natural white.
But he was on his very best behaviour and didn't put a paw wrong in his class, which he won.
He then returned to the ring to challenge the other class winners for the Dog Challenge Certificate and again behaved really well. To my absolute amazement the judge awarded him the Reserve Challenge Certificate, meaning he was the 2nd best dog on the day. He is only 18 months old and still quite immature and this was my first RCC, so it was a really special win.

The day did not finish on such a high note, as while running Jorja in her class I tore my calf muscle and had to limp out of the ring. It is not often the owner retires with faulty movement!. Jorja went on to get 3rd in her large Limit class handled by my husband who can not run either due to knee problems, but he did manage a better pace than I would have done.

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Katherine said...

Gayle - What a super photo of Juno - and many congratulatins again. You must be so proud of him! Clever boy!

Here's hoping the tear clears up really quickly.