Monday, May 15, 2006

Spring is in the Air, and not just the Air!

I have had to put my painting slightly to one side due to organised chaos in the Mason household.
Last week I had a new kitchen fitted and Jorja came into season. Now on their own neither of them would have been a big deal, but taken together chaos was created.
Imagine the scenario, two strange men take up residence in the kitchen for four days, removing access to water, cooking facilities and more importantly the outside world, unless I went out the front door and round the side of the house.
If Roma had come into season it would have been no problem and Saska decided puppies were not for her long ago, but Jorja encourages the dogs for almost her whole season and we don't want her to have a litter this year. We are only just getting over her last litter, and Roma and Juno are 19 months old.
Clinton and Juno don't like one another when we have a bitch in season and neither can be left with Jorja so I have spent four days moving animals from one place to another with Jorja encouraging the dogs at every turn. She's done an awful lot of turning, usually to position her rear end invitingly for anything that moves.
She was due to go to a show on Saturday under a judge that I thought would like her but she obviously had to stay at home, the score so far is Jorja 10, Gayle 0.
Anyway peace is returning, the kitchen is finished, and Clinton and Juno are finally stopping pacing round the room, Jorja however is still hopeful.

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Katherine said...

This was so funny Gayle, I laughed out loud! I can just see it........that Jorja is a naughty minx. I bet she barked a bit as well.........

Maybe you need to find a website which sells imitations of the Berlin Wall?

And do we get photos of dawgies "loving" the new kitchen?