Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Raining Cats and Dogs

I decided to brave the grey, dreary Yorkshire weather to go outside photograph my new cat painting. The minute I stepped out of the door it started raining, and the dogs who had been following me decided it was not such a good idea and retreated back inside. Juno and Rio watched progress with a great deal of interest from inside the conservatory.

Unfortunately the light was about as dismal as the rain, so the colours on the painting are not quite right. I expect however I will get some good light at some stage, I could have used my state of the art flash, but Bryan sat on it and killed it completely.So, this is the new one, it is huge for me, 24 x 20 inches on drafting film. I have airbrushed the background which will need much more work, it is just to give me an idea of colours.

I have started working the fur in coloured pencil.

To be continued.


pencilwizard said...

Looking forward to seeing this as it progress's.Just love your dogs looking out at you lol,so gorgeous.

Katherine said...

Gayle - you HAVE to do that profile of Juno and Rio. I have titles flashing through my brain every time I look at it ("Big Bruv" etc)

Great start to the kitten

Henriette said...

I can not tell enough how I love to see the pictures of your dogs.
They let me think about sweet times.