Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mother's Day Family Portrait

As it's Mother's day here in the UK we took my mum out for lunch, and then went to her house so that my son could install her new printer.

The pups came with us, so I took the opportunity of taking a family portrait while we had Zeus on hand.

Jorja wasn't all that keen on sitting with her grand children, but we did persuade her in the end.

So left to right, grandparents Zeus and Jorja, pups Rio and Roxy.

You have to forgive Zeus his ears, as he's got older they've gone straighter, and he's nine now.

The pups are six months old on Friday and they're going to their first show next weekend, that will be fun.

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Katherine said...

Looks just like any other grandparents and the grandkids photo - except they're collies! ;)