Friday, March 02, 2007

Update on Acrylic cat and Van Gogh Tree

Well I finally did something for my Van Gogh project as February slipped into March. I did beat the deadline as I finished it at about 10.30pm on the 28/02.
Don't get too excited because I'm not sure you will see much relevance to Van Gogh in my drawing, but I will explain.
So, meet my Hawthorn inspired by Van Gogh.

So what on earth relevance does this have to the work of Van Gogh:-

1. It took me so long to generate the little enthusiasm I had to do it that I felt rather like tearing off my own ear.

2. I used marks to draw it, I appreciate these are not the much larger more defined marks that VG used, but it is a definite change from my usual style.

3. Apart from the tree it is all done from my imagination.

4. I resisted the very strong impulse to add a sitting cat, that would definitely not have been in the spirit of VG.

So there you are, the closest I will get to VG, although I have to say I do now have a great respect for his work and did in the end enjoy drawing my little scene.

My acrylic cat is moving along nicely, here are a few updates.

I might not get much painting done over the next two days, it is the British Collie Club's Championship show tomorrow and we are showing Juno, so today is preparation for tomorrow.

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