Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quick Updates

I've been really busy this last week which is why I haven't updated my blog.

Friday was Crufts day for Juno, and although he didn't get a place we had a most enjoyable day. We did receive the photo's that he had taken after winning his class at Midland Collie Club. The copyright belongs to SN Cards but I have permission to post them. I love this photograph and happily for me, Mr Newton has given me permission to use it as a reference for a new Juno painting.
I have done a little more on two of the three cats.

First the drawing one.

Then the acrylic one.

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Karen White said...

Gorgeous photo of Juno, I look forward to the painting! I also had a happy day at Crufts, except for lappie judging not starting until 4.45pm. A long day for my youngster. Sorry I didn't get to come and say hi.