Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Cougar or Puma ACEO

This is todays effort, a cougar, puma or mountain lion ACEO, again on drafting film but this time I painted the background with acrylics.
This ACEO is listed on eBay , it is now SOLD

Last night we were burgled, how could that happen with the canine gang, well I asked the said gang the same question.

We heard Rio start to give little wuffs about 2.15am, husband shouted at him, Rio carried on, husband got up and looked out the back windows, saw nothing so shouted louder. Two minutes later Clinton who sleeps in our bedroom started to growl, I got up this time and looked out the front window in time to see a car pulling away down the road. Eldest son collided with me as he had also woken up and seen someone creeping down the drive.

The front door had been opened, Roxie who sleeps behind the door had obviously welcomed the intruder with plenty of tail wagging, but Clinton and Rio had frightened them off. Tonight the door will be locked and Roxie will change sleeping places with Juno, who will definitely not welcome univited guests. Unfortunately he had been sleeping in the conservatory and missed the excitement, the other dogs had obviously told him about it though because he has been practicing barking all day today.

The thieves took a case of wine, a case of lager and a brand new drill from the garage, all I can say is I hope they have a headache.


Quilt Knit said...

I give Great (( circle of hugs )) that no one is hurt. Bravo Zulu to the pets. Maybe the Creeps are known to you. Your dog allowed them in. This probably the greatest behavior your pet could have given you. This way the pets closest to you had time to get you up. So glad no one is hurt. Must be an epidemic of bad karma for artist. Maggot and Rhonda both posted accidents on the same day. Maggie stepped on a pen, coming down the stairs.
poor Rhonda was attacked by a clay flower pot - five stitches- posted picture with damage, nasty.

Love the cougar.


Karen said...

How scary to know they had got in while you were sleeping! I do tell my dogs off for barking at every little sound but shouldn't really as I wouldn't want to stop them barking at intruders!
Lovely cougar btw.

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks both of you.
Another 3 houses on our small road got burgled the following night!

Katherine said...

All you need now is one of those signs which says "Fang lives here!" ;)