Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Meerkat in Acrylic

I've been totally absorbed in painting ACEO's during this last week.
The following two are on drafting film, using coloured pencil and acrylic.

Both these are available on eBay, the cat is now SOLDSOLD
This last one is on Arches Hot press watercolour paper using acrylic. I loved the way the meerkat was studying the sky, he/she stayed like that for quite a long time so I managed to take plenty of photographs.

And still it rains here in Yorkshire. My favourite walk is the 'stoat walk' (I call it that, because I sometimes see stoats at various points on it) but there is a dip in the lane just before it crosses the canal. This morning there was a lake in the dip, I sent Clinton ahead, but when the water started to reach his chest I called him back and we returned home. Trying to keep Juno's whites white for his show tomorrow is a little difficult to put it mildly.

At least it is good painting weather.


pencilwizard said...

Love these little drawings...especially the little meerkat, they are so fascinating to watch.

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you, I love meerkats, I have to be dragged away from their enclosure whenever we visit a wildlife park. I found the chipmunks and ground squirrels equally appealing that we saw while on holiday last year.