Friday, January 11, 2008

A Tiger ACEO

I'm trying to maintain productivity but not neglect my marketing. Today I've selected the four images I hope to submit to the 2008 SOFA exhibition later in the year and sorted out my Crufts entry so I'm feeling slightly pleased with myself.

I've also created another ACEO, a tiger but this time on drafting film.


The rain is continuing, leading to web foot syndrome among the dogs again, even the squirrels need waders to get to the nuts. The circular stones which form a path across my garden have been transformed into miniature bird baths and the pond has overflowed into the surrounding borders. I was reminded of the Amazon when I noticed my fish could now swim among the plants, I expect if it rains for much longer they'll probably be able to make it to the Amazon.

My friend recently tried to contact me on my mobile, which was as usual switched off. If I leave it on then I forget about it, and it either rings in the middle of important meetings or the battery runs down in the middle of the night. I'm not sure why batteries always expire in the middle of the night, I think they must work to the same timetable as in whelp bitches!. Anyway Clinton is terrified of the bleeping noise expiring batteries make, as soon as the first bleep happens he comes to me to be saved. This involves him jumping on the bed and wrapping himself round my head. Even when I stagger out of bed, find the phone and turn it off, the damage is done for that night. He insists that if he doesn't remain wrapped round my head, something on the floor will get him and he wont make it through the night. After about half an hour of large, heavy, very hairy male Collie round my nose I wonder if I will make it till morning, so that is why my mobile is never turned on.


Jeanette said...

Wonderful tiger. I must get out my drafting film again as its delicious to draw on.

The collie story had me chuckling to myself here at work. Why is it dogs are so wussy at times? Usually in the middle of the night?

My old dog was scared most of his life to loud noises: fireworks, trucks, airplanes going over head, gun shots, etc. He would 'hide' under the sofa and shiver. Except just his head would be under the sofa...

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Jeanette.
Wait till you read what they did next.
You made me laugh imagining your dog, they think if they can't see you then they must be invisible

Susanna Katherine said...

Great your work. I have two yorkie sisters and they keep me amused.