Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Continuing Cat in Coloured Pencil and Acrylic

I've worked a little bit more on the cat but household tasks kept calling me today so not much progress has been made.
With the continual rain I seem to spend an awful lot of time drying paws or cleaning floors. The cleaning results from the muddy paws that make a dash to pass me when I'm already propping up a dog who has one foot in a towel. Why is it that my dogs can run and play on three legs if the need arises, but lift one leg to dry it and they either collapse, or lean so hard that both of us end up in a heap on the floor.
All except Rio that is, Rio doesn't like rain, even worse he doesn't like the ground to be wet when he needs to go out. The only way to encourage him is to go out first and convince him it doesn't hurt, this is a lengthy process. In fact you can add changing clothes and drying hair several times to my daily tasks . Yesterday it involved rounding up fish from flower beds but that is another story.

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