Saturday, September 27, 2008

When is Lilac known as Lavender?

When it is a coat colour in a cat.
In order to accurately portray the coat colours in the various breeds of cats I want to paint I have been looking at how colour is inherited. I studied genetics as part of my degree in Zoology so can understand the theory. So far so good with colour, but then I moved on to the inheritance of coat patterns, at that point my brain gave up for the day.

My main problem came when I realised that the same genetic colour can have different names depending on both the breed of cat and the breed association.

So lilac can become lavender, tortoiseshell and white can become calico, black can be ebony etc.
When I then started thinking about spotted, tipped, pointed etc, not to mention ticked, mitted and agouiti I decided much more research will be needed.

The one thing I do know is that all cats inherit some form of the tabby gene so perhaps I should stick to tabbies, now would that be mackerel or classic.
I will continue to share my findings as I go along.
Just for a change I dug my pastels out today.


Jane said...

I love the thought of a lavender cat!
When you answer questions, I have two new ones!
What brand colored pencils do you use and do they require a fixative? And if yes, can you recommend a brand?
LOVing your demos!

Gillian said...

Thanks for answering my question in your previous post. I'm going to have to try it.
How fascinating about the colours. I always found it strange why our female all-black cat (now deceased)looked strangly brownish/tortoiseshell in the summer months - I suppose they're all descended from tabby-marked cats!
Good luck with the show and finding your subjects.

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Jane and Gillian.
Gillian my favourite brand of pencil are Polychromos because they keep a sharp point longer than some of the other brands.
I do however freely mix brands, the one thing they have to be is lightfast.
I use a Windsor and Newton fixative, I'll check which one.