Friday, November 28, 2008

Red Deer in Mixed Media

I want some examples of British wildlife for my portfolio so I pulled this Red Deer Stag from the WIP file.
I didn't get much done as I'm in the middle of a large pastel commission, but I did paint the sky.

This is an old Stag that I photographed in Scotland last New Years Day. His whole attitude was one of patient endurance. I wonder if he made it through the winter.


Kellie Marian Hill said...

You've been tagged! I love your work, and it doesn't seem you've been tegged yet this round- hope you don't mind.... if you want to play along, I've got the rules up along with a link to you at :)

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Kellie, I'll play the tag game as soon as the Christmas Commissions are done.