Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Miniature Cat on Hahnemuhle Paper

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I've finished another ACEO size cat.
This time I used Hahnemuhle Hot Pressed watercolour paper, I'm not sure if I will use it again or not.
The advantages were:-
It is a white paper, whiter than Arches which I usually usually use
The acrylic went on smoothly
The disadvantages for my technique were:
I found it to be quite textured for a hot press paper, this affected how I drew my fur
If I had a sharp point on my pencil it lifted the fibres in the paper meaning I couldn't achieve a smooth finish
I adapted how I worked, using more acrylic and less pencil which helped. I also used a slightly blunt pencil and blended my layers using a very light touch.
I'm pleased with the final result but it was a lot more work to achieve the finish I wanted

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vivien said...

I DO love your cats - if the nose was longer and the eyes more tawny this could be my little monster :>)