Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Fox - Take 2

I have been getting more and more disatisfied with my fox. I'm not sure if it was the ear, the muzzle, the colour, I just don't know what it was I didn't like about him. He looked more like a Corgi than a fox to me.
After spending several more hours on him I did what I should have done when the doubts set in, I started again. I know paintings go through an ugly stage but I'm usually right when I decide it's not the ugly stage, it's the terminal stage. So he was terminated and I started on Arches paper rather than board, same size, same reference. I'm much happier with him, I will add the dark background, probably after I do the eyes. The fur this time looks more like my work and he is already looking more 3D.
By the way you aren't seeing things, I'm still having trouble with his ear, I'm thinking of making hiom a battle scarred fox :)

Rather than doing another post I thought I'd just add the update. You can't really see the colours in the background, but they are there, honestly.


Mona said...

Saw that your cat and fox got a nice mention from Katherine Tyrell on Sunday. Congratulations.

Dors said...

Looking great. I know what you mean..I look at my work sometimes and it's not right. I always start over when that happens. It's a lot of work if you are not happy with it.
Love the eyes and the fur in the fox. coming along lovely.

Gayle Mason said...

Katherine is a friend of mine, I always find it an honour to be mentioned on her blog.