Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tabby Cat in Watercolour

This is another small one, a tabby cat in watercolour.
We bought a new desk today which my eldest son assembled, this meant that the computer had to be disconnected and moved. It was touch and go whether the Internet ever worked again when the nest of cables was revealed for the first time in years. He put sticky labels on each cable as he undid it, unfortunately one of his helpers didn't realise the significance and followed behind removing them.


pencilportraits said...

beautiful start Gayle, I know what you mean about computers, I spent most of yesterday fixing my sister's laptop, quite painful!!!

Dors said...

This is so beautiful. lovely eyes.

Oooops. Glad you got the PC back together again.

Wendy said...

LOL I can SO imagine!

Tracy Hall: said...

That sounds horribly familiar, gayle. I hope you worked it all out afterwards. Lovely cat!

vivien said...

oh dear!

This is beautiful

You catch cats beautifully