Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cat in Graphite

This is one I started a long time ago however the deadline for completion has crept up on me and I need to finish it this week.

I've been busy away from art over the last week.
I visited the Great Yorkshire Show on Tuesday which is the largest agricultural show in the UK and a really great day out.
I want to draw some cows and sheep in the future and there were many stunning specimens to choose from. I also took some very nice photographs of a Sea Eagle who will make an appearance at some stage in a drawing or painting.
Yesterday it was our eldest son's graduation which involved many proud parent moments.
But I'm back at the drawing board, at least for today.


Dors said...

Lovely work Gayle. Love this kitty especially the eyes.

Glad you had a great day at the show. Isn't it great to get up close and take great photos.

Your work is always awesome and a pleasure to visit your blog site.

Christine said...

Your graphite work is just as stunning as your color pieces. This one already looks fantastic!

Dean Grey said...


I like how some parts of the fur are soft and blurred while areas near the face are tight and crisp!