Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Transition Period

Next week I fly to Canada for almost three weeks so my posting will continue to be infrequent until the beginning of September.
When I took early retirement at the end of March I thought I would spend far more time on my art which would include posting to my blog. I have spent more time on my art but it has mainly been behind the scenes marketing. The number of completed pieces I have produced has not been great and I have missed more deadlines than I ever did when I was juggling working and art.
I've also felt that I had little to post about, and the days I was going to post I've left it until I was too tired.
However on the positive side things I have done are:-
Set the wheels in motion to exhibit at two or three large Agricultural shows in 2011
Joined the members of Living Heritage craftsmen and committed to attend the Cheshire Game Fair with them at the end of August
Created and produced a 2011 calendar which is already selling well
Catalogued my prints and cards and made sure I have sufficient stock to avoid any future marathon printing sessions.
Had one of my images included on the 2010 Society of Feline Artists Brochure (I'll show you in my next post)
I'm treating the last few months as a time of transition and not worrying over what I have or haven't done. It's been hard for me to switch from the daily challenges I had in my job which involved a great deal of responsibility to just managing myself.
But I think I'm getting there, I've a lot of ideas for future drawings and paintings and posts for my blog and am quite excited with how 'Poppy' is turning out.
I've decided to continue sporadic posting until the end of August and then return with a bang in September.
I hope you all have a wonderful Summer (or Winter, depending on where you live)


DEB said...

I know what you mean....There aren't enough hours in the day. Your work is beautiful. I wish you had time to create more of it! Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Jeanette said...

So much of art as a business is marketing and its amazing just how much time it takes up. You've made lots of progress and it does take time to make that transition to working just for yourself. I know you'll do it and do it well.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Canada. Wear layers, the weather everywhere here is strange this year!

Dean Grey said...

Enjoy your time in Canada, Gayle!

And be sure to take a ton of pics!


marinella said...

Absolutely beautiful, it gives me a great idea, It will take a while, but as soon as I finish it I'll let you know. You just solved the problem I had with the stone plate I have next to our house gate. Won't be this beatiful however. Have a wonderful holiday!

Gayle Mason said...

Four days to go before we fly, I can't wait.
I'm looking forward to hearing about your idea Marinella