Friday, July 02, 2010

How Not to Create a Calendar

The images for my 2011 calendar.

I thought I would share the lessons I've learned during the process of creating my calendar.
Decide before starting how you are going to print your calendar.
I decided after I'd finished creating that it would be more cost effective to have the calendars printed by a company specialising in litho printing. My printer is a large format Epson with 8 colour cartridges more suitable for giclee printing soI decided it would be rather expensive to print calendars using it.
I found a company that offered what I wanted at a good price. However I then had a huge problem as they wanted each page as a print ready Pdf file. Of course I hadn't used Publisher which meant I know very little about the embedded fonts, my colours were in the wrong mode and I hadn't considered having a bleed area. I decided that rather than start again I would print them myself and make sure for my next calendar I'd get it right from the start.

If you are going to bind the calendars yourself make sure you select the equipment suitable for the task.

I already have a plastic comb binder but thought calendars would look better using wire so I ordered one.When it arrived it was tiny, plastic, and only had the capacity to punch 8 x 70gms sheets of paper at a time. What. I was using 170gms paper and 100 calendars would be 1400 sheets (front and back plus 12 sheets) You do the maths and decide how long that would take. So back I went, read the specifications in full and bought a heavy weight model. This one weighs so much I can just move it around but it easily punches the whole calendar excluding the back at one go.

Quality check the first sheet when you change months.

I left the printer happily printing 100 sheets to find when I returned that I'd used a different font for March so they all need reprinting.

But I have now assembled my first calendar and despite all the set backs along the way I'm really pleased with the end result.


Anesha said...

Sounds like you had a tough time with your calendar. It looks beautifu!

Pauline said...

What a job you have had, thanks for sharing these valuable lessons. The Calender looks lovely, hope you sell lots.

Kay Murphy's Studio said...

It looks lovely. Sounds like you had a leaning curve,that always happens to me...

Art with Liz said...

Trial and error can be quite costly, but the result looks absolutely great! Thanks for all the advice!

Tracy Hall said...

Sounds like a great deal of work Gayle, but a lovely result and hope you sell them all at the show!

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Thanks for posting your experiences with making your own calendar. It's good information to keep in mind when making my own.

BTW, beautiful calendar Gayle! Where's the link to buy one?


Gayle Mason said...

Glad you found my post useful.
Nancy the link is at the side of my blog, I've moved it up a bit.

Samantha said...

thank you for this advice I have been thinking for a while about making calandars (although have still not ventured into trying to). your calandar looks stunning.