Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cat Protection

'Mischief' - donated to Haworth Cat Rescue
The Supreme had its usual parade of fabulous cats.
Long hair, short hair, no hair, spotted, striped, tabby, black, white, blue, all with one thing in common, cared for.
I love looking at the pampered cats but also want to do something for those less fortunate.
In the Spring I donated my original painting of an Abyssinian kitten 'Mischief' for Haworth Cat Rescue to use on one of their Christmas cards, the above is an image of the card itself.
Haworth Cat Rescue are a local charity doing a fantastic job caring for cats that have fallen on hard times. Some are unwanted but some owners are having to part with loved pets because of a change in circumstances. Having visited Haworth a couple of times I know that all the cats staying there find love from the people looking after them.
100% of the proceeds from sales of the card will benefit cats, so in a very small way I feel I am playing my part in helping.


sue said...

Well done Gayle - its a great cause.

I'm just off to Fuerteventura for 3 weeks (we have a house there). A very good friend on the island devotes most of her days to caring for stray and unwanted cats. Three times a year she and other volunteers round up strays and spay/neuter them. She takes in abandoned and sick animals and rehomes them ... and has several 'feeding stations' at strategic places so the semi-feral cats don't go hungry or become a nuisance.

We help 'on the fringes' by donating food and putting together a calendar based on photos of the cats for sale on the island.

Debbie Goode said...

So Sweet.....I'm sure lots of kitties are thankful for your contribution!

RLT Art said...

Wow, i love this piece! so beautiful and lifelike :)

maria elena said...

Una belleza Gayle !! felicitaciones por tus obras!! un abrazo