Friday, November 05, 2010

Fine Line Artists Fourth International Exhibition

I started this tabby cat quite a long time ago and have decided to finish it in between working on the three racoons.
It's approximately 14 x 18 inches on Arches hot press paper.

Tomorrow is the opening of the International Exhibition of the Fine Line Artists, a group of women artists that I belong to.
The exhibition is being held at the Mission Trails Regional Park Art Gallery and runs from the 6th of November until the 3rd of December.

To read a bigger version of the above visit the Mission Trails web site.

We formed the group several years ago to provide support for the development of our art and the business of being an artist. There are six of us in the group but only five taking part in the exhibition as the sixth member is an international best selling author in the middle of an amazingly busy schedule.

The other artists are:-
Katherine Tyrrell well known for her artists blog Making a Mark
Vivien Blackburn
Nicole Caulfield
Louise Sackett, huge thanks to Louise as she has done all the organizing.

Our subject matter is as diverse as our styles. The exhibition features landscapes, wildlife art, botanical art and still life art relatingto the Mission Trails area of the USA.
All works are for sale.


ivana said...

Your cat paintings are beautiful, the detail is amazing

Dean Grey said...

What a penetrating stare that cat has!


Tracy Hall said...

Very best for the show Gayle!