Monday, August 04, 2008

Kingfisher and Bilberries

I wanted some reference photographs of tree trunks with ivy growing up them. Whilst out tracking down suitable subjects I remembered that it was Bilberry season. In fact as I discovered I remembered a bit late. There was plenty of evidence of Bilberries having been there, but they were now obviously residing in someone else's freezer. I did find enough for a couple of pies after a lot of searching in places not designed to be searched.

I have also made progress with the Kingfisher, he has at least an undercoat all over now. I am enjoying the small paintings for a change, although I'm not sure my eyes have the same enthusiasm.


Tracy Hall said...

He's looking terrific, Gayle! What a shame about the bilberries. We've been making strawberry everything here :)

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Tracy, I really appreciate your comment as I find your miniature work simply outstanding.

Michael said...

Miniature work is something that I really an interested in doing. My wife does a lot of macro photography, so I might see if I can use some of her work as reference.

I have been working large scale for so long that it actually scares me to work small. Now, how silly is that? Anyway, I LOVE the work you are doing. This Kingfisher is delightful.

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Michael, I am really getting hooked by small works.