Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yellowstone Morning

I've had two wildlife firsts while staying in Yellowstone National Park. First we watched a Grizzly Bear feeding on a Bison carcase, then I saw a pair of Beavers building a dam. I got some photographs of the Bear but it was too dark for the Beavers.

Here is one of my early morning in Yellowstone photographs.

I'm now in Utah and finding the heat very tiring, I prefer the mountains and forests to the Canyonlands.


Gillian McMurray said...

You are very lucky. I love grizzly bears but don't see many in Scotland ;o) Hope you are enjoying your trip. That is a beautiful photo.

Tracy Hall said...

What a wonderful holiday Gayle!

Gillian said...

A beautiful image. Early mornings are just the best!