Monday, August 18, 2008

Rain, Snow and Extreme Heat

The flight to Denver was long but uneventful, and the first day in Denver was hot, sunny and enjoyable.
However we got up on the second day to rain, rain and more rain. As we drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park this turned to snow and visiability was almost zero so the Rangers suggested everyone went down the mountain as quickly as possible. On reaching Estes Park there was a flood watch in force so looking round was somewhat restricted.
South Dakota was hot so we visited Mount Rushmore early in the morning, it was fascinating to see it in real life so to speak.

We are now back in Wyoming in the scorching heat but at least I can take photographs of the wildlife.
This was the first wild animal that got its photograph taken, I've no doubt it will appear in a painting some time in the future.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Nice to see the posting works! I got a photo like that yesterday - but my squirrel's got an apple in his mouth and he sat stock still as if I'd not see him if he played at "statues"!

Wendy said...

It sounds fantastic Gayle!!! :) I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time over there and get loads and loads of awesome animal shots :) It sounds like you've been through every season there is and then some while you're there LOL, I guess you're getting the full experience!

Have a wonderful wonderful time!

Mary Rogers said...

Hope you're having a great trip. The Northwest US is awesome! I live in South Carolina, but have visited out there.