Friday, July 18, 2008

National Exhibition of Wildlife Art -NEWA

Last night I attended the private viewing of the 2008 National Exhibition of Wildlife Art at Gordale Garden Centre on the Wirral.

Earlier in the week I had been delighted to find that 'The Hunter' had been selected by an independent panel of judges for inclusion in the exhibition, so I was once again looking forward to seeing my own work in such prestigious company.

'The Hunter'

As with last year the organisers of the exhibition are to be congratulated for the professional way everything runs. Once again handing in day ran like clockwork, it only took minutes for my work to be checked in, labelled and carried away. This is not as easy as it sounds with high volume of submissions expected each day.

There is plenty of parking at Gordale and there are plenty of signs directing people to the exhibition.

The exhibition itself is a delight to wander round, and the on line gallery means that anyone unable to visit can still view and purchase work.

As well as simply enjoying looking at the diverse work on show, I wanted to use the opportunity as a learning experience.
After an initial look round I went back to study some of the work in depth.
My first impressions were:-
There were an awful lot of Lions and Tigers, all well done and different, but I might work on a more unusual animal or bird for next year.
Birds were popular, from simple graphic designs to paintings including detailed habitat.
To catch the eye from across the room a picture had to either have an excellent and different design, or be strong colour wise. There is so much art of a consistently high standard that to stand out is a real achievement.

On more careful study of images that particularly appealed to me, I found they all had one thing in common, a really strong design. Those artists had obviously put a lot of thought into how best to present their chosen subject.

Some of the ones I liked were close crops of animals, in each case the crop had obviously been chosen to reveal some part of the personality of that particular species.

Although I liked a lot of the work I had two favourites:-

'Achromatic' by Darryn Eggleton


'Pheasant' by Wayne Westwood

If you get time have a look at the gallery even if you can't get to the exhibition in person.


Home page for NEWA


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gayle and richly deserved! Wow the exhibition must really be something in person, I just loved those pieces as well. Particularly Achromatic jumped out at me as I was looking through the online gallery.

There are some fantastic realistic pieces there that really grabbed me. But you're right, all those lions and tigers start to run into each other no matter how well they're done don't they? So what weird and wonderful critter will you do next year?!

Gillian said...

Congratulations on being selected. That's a stunning piece and very deserving on it's place.
Thanks for the links. I can only sigh at such artistry! x

Gayle Mason said...

Thank you Wendy and Gillian, it did give me a real high to see my work in the exhibition.