Saturday, July 19, 2008

Snow Leopard continued.

It was a sad day today as we collected Saskas' ashes from the Vet's. They had been put in a very nice little casket but we are going to scatter them on the moor where she loved to run.
We plan on just taking Clinton with us when we do it as he was her special friend.
Once we've done it every time we take the dogs for a run on the moor we will feel she is close to us.
I've done a bit more work on the Snow Leopard including adding a dark background.

I also went out to take some photographs of flowers, foliage and walls today, dodging the rain showers which were torential. Here's one of a Foxgloves which I plan on drawing at some point.

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Jeanette said...

Its hard accepting the reality of the death of a pet. They become so much a part of the family. I'm glad she'll have a lovely final spot and you'll have wonderful memories of her.

The snow leopard is coming on beautifully. The eyes have such depth.