Sunday, July 06, 2008

More on the Red Deer

I am now feeling microscopically more human following my surgery, although the nausea is not completely gone. Each day I can move my arms with a little less pain so I have returned to the Red deer in mixed media and some Snow Leopards in graphite.

I changed paper for the deer, as the pastel paper didn't want to play with acrylic and I wanted to add some in the fur.

I restarted on Arches Hot Press watercolour paper, around 18 x 12 inches and am using a mix of coloured pencils and acrylic.
The coloured pencils are mainly Polychromos and the acrylic mainly Liquitex, with the addition of Chromacolor white.
I have only included the bit of the painting that has some work done on it.

The Snow Leopards are even larger, approximately 20 x 16, on Mellotex Ultra white paper, using mechanical pencils, 4B to 4H.

The reference material for both paintings is mine, the mountains of Scotland have been adapted to provide the basis of the Himalayas.

I photographed the Deer in Scotland, and the Snow Leopards at Marwell Zoological Park.


Gillian McMurray said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend now. I really amire your rendering of fur. I will aspire to your standard of furriness when I get going with my own colour pencil wirk. :o)

Tracy Hall said...

Sorry to hear about your surgery, Gayle. I hope you feel much better soon. The deer is looking great already (and the leopards), and I'm facsinated by the mixed media.

Take it easy :)

poppiesart said...

sorry to hear of your illness, glad yr on the mend.

im hope i can get as good as you, doing fur, but at the moment, im hopeless