Sunday, December 07, 2008

Creating a Photographic Record

I've been thinking about a daily project for 2009. I am realistic enough to know that attempting a daily drawing or painting is not going to happen.

I have also been thinking about how little my photographs actually get looked at because they are files stored on a hard drive.

So each day until the end of 2009 I am going to try to print one of my photographs. I'm just going to do a small version, probably around 4 x6, each one will be a subject I intend to paint.

I've bought some blank 8 x 5 cards and I will stick the photograph to the card. I will then record details about the photograph and which folder it is stored in on my hard drive. The back of the card will be used for thumbnail's, tiny sketches etc. Once the card is full I will laminate it to help preserve the information.

As often as possible I will use a photograph taken on that day, so for today it is a Robin on the garden fence.

I will then be able to share my photographs with people who don't have access to a computer.


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Gayle this is a fantastic idea. What a brilliant way to have your pics out of the hard drive and onto the hard card. Excellent!

Toni said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did because your work is wonderful!! As a cat lover I love the watercolor cat face. This robin is so cute. Your robins are so different from ours. I think I heard at one time that our robins are actually in the thrush family of birds. I will be back here also so looking forward to seeing more of your art and your daily idea for next year is a good one. Something I may have to think about.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Brilliant idea Gayle - but then you are always so organised!

What a great way of showing people how they can develop their own art library resource as well.

This one's going in next Sunday's "who's made a mark this week"!

Maggie Stiefvater said...

What a brilliant idea and I love that photograph -- the colors are beautiful.

Gayle Mason said...

I'm glad you all think it's a good idea, I actually thought people might think it a rather strange thing to do.
Toni I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm going to add it to my side bar.

Karen Hargett said...

Gayle that is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

vivien said...

I think it's a great idea as well - there's nothing like holding an image in your hand :>)

Sydney Harper said...

This is such a good idea. Often I go through the pics on my hard drive and find photos I would like to use in a painting. Then I forget about them and have to repeat the process. I like your solution.