Friday, December 19, 2008

A Photoshop Tip

At last the Christmas Commissions are finished, the last one is being collected tomorrow. I'm now looking forward to getting my entries for a couple of competitions ready.
Today's photograph is a stunning Asian cat.

I thought I'd share a photoshop tip for sharpening an image without altering colour.

Open image

Create a new background layer

In the layer palette select luminosity (the colour and saturation in the lower layer will be retained)

In the filter menu select unsharp mask and adjust the sliders until you like the result

Flatten image,

I have found this works better than applying unsharp mask direct to the image.


Pattie Wall said...

Wow, Gayle thanks for the PS tip. I am a hack at PS Elements, at best, but I tried this and it made a big difference in a shot of a cat that was needing some help. I think it can also be used in tweaking photos to use in paintings where the contrast is a little dull.

Gayle Mason said...

I'm pleased it's useful, it occurred to me that I use lots of tweaks to improve images for painting from, so I might as well share.

Tracy Hall said...

Ah! I didn't even know there was a luminosity bit! Thanks so much for the tip gayle, as Pattie says this will be really helpful for a dull pic. I really need to take a course for that programme, thanks for sharing.