Thursday, December 04, 2008

Pintail Photograph

I'm still working at my Commissions which I can't show until after Christmas. I've aslo been struggling getting to and from work in the icy conditions. The roads have been sheets of ice because the snow froze during Tuesday.
However the rain has returned so hopefully it will wash away the snow, fingers crossed it doesn't freeze.

I'll post another of my Martin Mere photographs, this time a Pintail with a great reflection. I can't wait to get started on my bird studies.
I've also purchased two new Derwent Onyx pencils.
This is what Derwent says about them:-
Derwent ONYX - Darker than a 9B Our new Derwent Onyx pencil is made from smooth dark graphite and allows you to instantly create dense rich jet-black tones, even darker than a Graphic 9B. Its 4mm wide core has a non-crumbly texture which means it will sharpen and hold a fine point for longer making it ideal for hatching. And, it will smudge allowing you to blend it with your finger tip or a Tortillon.
I haven't had a go with them yet but will do over the next couple of days.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

That's the one I've been looking out for! I've not seen one yet.

Nice duck.

That snow looks awful on the TV.

vivien said...

beautiful photo with a lovely simplicity - I'll be interested to see how this goes :>)

It would work well as a square with a little moving of elements