Sunday, January 11, 2009

Woodpecker Part 3

I'm finding the watercolour is working better than acrylic when I'm working over it with coloured pencils. I can use a dark Sepia/Payne's Grey mix and then add fine detail using a light blue pencil.I went to Fairburn Ings yesterday and saw my first Kingfisher of 2009, although it was a very fleeting glimpse. The light was poor so my photographs aren't very good, which is a shame as there was a Snipe quite close to one of the hides.


jane said...

Dear Gayle,
I'm loving this guy-I want to see him closer! Can you make a photo that we can click on to get closer?
Thanks a bunch,

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Jane, I'll post a close up when I next update