Sunday, January 02, 2011

Back From Scotland

'The Right Side'

I've now returned from my short holiday in Scotland with some nice reference photos for future artwork including the buzzard shown above.

On my return I was absolutely delighted to find that 'The Right Side' won the Making a Mark Award for Best Picture of the Year (Natural World) on an Art Blog and was runner up for Best Picture of the Year on an Art Blog. Karen Jurick's wonderful painting 'Hands of Time' won the overall award, congratulations to Karen as this is the second year she has won the award.
This is the link to the awards on the Making a Mark blog

I'll be back tomorrow with my plans for 2011.


Tracy Hall said...

Congratulations on the awards Gayle! Hope you had a lovely New year in scotland and very much looking forward to seeing what you do in 2011.

Gayle Mason said...

Thanks Tracy, I'm looking forward to seeing your new work too!
Happy New Year