Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Garden Birds

I had two slightly less frequent visitors to my garden drop in today. Both photographs are poor quality because I was shooting through glass without having time to adjust my camera settings.
I see the Sparrowhawk every few days but usually just flying past low and fast, today it perched on the greenhouse for a few seconds.
The melanistic pheasant visits every so often but I hadn't seen it for about six months and had assumed it was dead so it was a nice surprise when it appeared this morning.
I understand the melanistic pheasant is a mutated version of the birds with the normal plumage and they are quite common in some parts of the country. I've never seen another one locally, there are plenty of pheasants but all the usual colour. This one looks very greeny/purple in the sun, not that I really remember as it has been a long time since the sun appeared in Yorkshire.

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