Friday, January 28, 2011

The Second Volume of Fur in the Paint

Last year I used Blog2Print to create a book of my first years blog posts. I was pleased with the book so decided to do the same for the second year.
I used the same design but in a different colour to suit the image I had chosen for this years front cover.
This time I included the comments as it is nice to lppk back and see what people thought of my progress.
Last year I had the first volume available on my stand at exhibitions and people seemed to like glancing through to see how I work.
My main aim though is to have a hard copy of my blog for my personal use and there is something very satisfying in seeing the two volumes sitting side by side on the shelf.

I intend to create a book each year I write my blog and this year I intend to include things like the birds that visit the garden, more about the dogs etc.

I would add that I have absolutely no connection with Blog2Print and if anyone decides to have their own blog printed I recommend you read the small print carefully.


Rascal Rescue said...

Great minds think alike! Great idea! I do the same with my blog as it chronicles all the work I do with wildlife rehabilitation. It's kind of like my journal and photo album all in one for each year. I'm just finishing up my third year only I used Blurb.

Brenda said...

I think that this is a wonderful idea! I was looking at this site a few weeks ago when my blog hit its one year mark. May I ask what in the small print is a problem? I haven't seen anything so far in my reading and am always scared that I am missing something. Or does this pertain to the add ons in pricing? Thanks for sharing your books. I think they are a great way to keep the years!

Gayle Mason said...

Yep, definitely great minds:)
Brenda there was nothing worrying in the small print, I just wanted to remind people to make sure they had read it. I have been really pleased with the service.

Kay said...

great idea! Thanks for the tip

Buffy said...

I think this is a great idea. I've seen their ad while I was blogging but never looked into it. I believe once you find out that the prices listed is for all of the blogs but once you figure it's either the extra cost per page, it really adds up. I've blogged for nearly four years, practically ever day, so for me, the cost would be exhorbinant. I've thought of just printing it out on my printer. Still pretty expensive, but maybe worth it.