Sunday, January 09, 2011

Graphite Meerkats

I wanted to try a rougher surface and let the texture of the paper become part of the image so this is graphite on Fabriano cold pressed watercolour paper.
It is only small 5.5 x 3 inches and the reference is from one of my own photographs. I wanted a different take on the standard meerkat pose, I'm going to call it 'Off Duty' when it's finished.
I started fighting the texture as I tried to work in my usual way but adapted quite quickly to just touching my pencil to the paper and letting the point skim the surface. I built up several layers starting with a 4H pencil and working up to a2B, going back and blending with the harder lead.
I think the cold press paper is too textured for how I like to work although I do like how the rock is turning out. I'll probably try a vellum finish next.

Oh and I also went to London today to return son 2 to University. I think I'll finish the meerkats tomorrow.

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Kay said...

experimenting is great..nice sketch!