Monday, January 17, 2011

Endangered and Alone - The Amur Leopard

I'm working on the cold pressed paper again, going even larger this time.
This is an Amur Leopard that I captured in a moment of relaxation rolling on his back in the sun. Sadly it is a captive animal, I will never see one in the wild.
The finished piece will show all the Leopard's body but it's too big to fit on the scanner.

A bit of background:-
The Amur Leopard is also known as the Far Eastern Leopard, the Manchurian Leopard or the Korean Leopard and is found in the Russian Far East and Northern China. It is a solitary nocturnal hunter and there are believed to be only around 40 individuals still left in the Russian Taiga.
Ecologists are going to do a count of the Leopards in Russia to see how the population is fluctuating.

When I looked at the photographs I'd taken of the Leopard I knew this was the one to draw. I immediately thought of the contrast between the carefree pose and the threat the animal faces in the wild. It was an exceptionally bittersweet moment as clearly this animal was relaxed and enjoying himself in the sun but I couldn't help but wish it could live as the lone nocturnal hunter hidden away from humans in its natural habitat.


Maria's Watercolor said...

This will be a a wonderful drawing of this leopard, I enjoy seeing your work in progress.

Gary Keimig said...

I love the pose you have chosen and looks as if you have a great start on it.

Dors said...

Coming along great Gayle.
Hate to see animals in captivity but they do get looked after and it's as you say the only way many of us will ever get to photograph them and draw them.

Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Off to a great start Gayle! Finished it will be stunning!

Anonymous said...

The leopard is looking stunning so far :)

Gonna be a cracker!


Alex Zonis said...

Hi Gayle! I've been following your blog with great interest for a while, your graphite work is fantastic. May I ask which cold press paper you are using for this drawing? And what is the size for this one? I work in graphite as well, and am now considering new papers, so this will be very useful for me. Thanks!

Gayle Mason said...

Wow, thank you for the great comments, it means a lot especially as I am a big admirer and follower of some of you.
Alex this is Fabriano Artistico Cold Pressed watercolour paper. It has much more of a tooth than my usual paper which is Arches Hot Pressed paper but I'm enjoying the different challenge.